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This important website is one you should have in your favorites for easy access. Since the government is known for an abundance of red tape and making the plain and simple confusing, it is very surprising how clear, simple, and easy to use they’ve managed in the creation of the SocialSecurity.Gov online portal included on the site. This is the official web-site of the U.S Social Security Administration.

This website is filled with conveniences that will benefit the reader and make navigation throughout the site extremely easy. There are an abundance of extra conveniences including making the print larger. A major plus to the many seniors that call the US home but have come from other places will have the option of changing the language from English to Polish, Spanish, Greek, French, Italian, Tagalog, Farsi, Chinese, Armenian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, and Haitian-Creole. They’ll even provide free interpreter services.SocialSecurity.Gov

SocialSecurity.Gov – On the first page of Social Security.Gov you have the option of watching a video about the website, which is less than two minutes long. If you choose not to watch the video then your next step would be to choose the category you’d like information on. You’ll find a blue bar across the top which is divided into categories: Retirement, Survivors, Disability, Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Clicking on any of those categories on  Social Security.Gov will bring you to another page where your search within that category begins.

Let’s say you chose Retirement. The next page gives you 6 different choices:

o Plan your retirement
o Calculate your benefits
o Apply for retirement benefits
o Already receiving retirement benefits
o Retirement benefit publications (en Espanol)
o Frequently asked questions. SocialSecurity.Gov

 Click on one of those options and you’ll have detailed explanations at your fingertips. Amazingly you’ll find SocialSecurity.Gov provides easy to understand concepts and directions. You can get help very easily if needed. There are some parts of social security you could apply for online though not all. For instance you can apply for SocialSecurity.Gov disability insurance online quite easily however, you can’t apply for a Social Security.Gov card online.

For that you can print out the application but must mail or go to your local social security office; some major metro areas (New York City, Las Vegas, Orlando, or Phoenix) require you apply in person rather than mailing in the application.SocialSecurity.Gov

By taking an extra few minutes, you could find out everything that you need to know that would help to get it right the first time, and you will  save time in the process. SocialSecurity.Gov is an asset you definitely want to make use of as you plan your own future.

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Using Social Security Number To Find People

SocialSecurity.Gov – How to find people by social security number can be a very easy task. You already have won half the battle, because you have their SSN. This number can be very hard to get, but it makes it real easy to locate people. You might have to use a paid service, but I will show you a few ways to find them on your own.

The first thing you need to do is verify the social security number that you have to make sure it is valid. You are not going to be able to verify it by using the internet, but you can check the source where you received it from. You can also check and make sure it is formatted correctly. Most of the time it is 3 digits dash 2 digits dash 4 digits. If you are doing a background check and the person has supplied you with their social security number, then chances are it is correct.

The next step we are going to take in finding people by their SS number is going to the social security death database. It can be found at this site here: This is one of the only free ways to find someone by the number of their their social security number. Unless the person you are looking for is dead, you will not find them here. However, if you are doing a background check on someone, it is best to look them up there to make sure they did not give you a deceased person’s SSN. You never know the type of people you could be dealing with.SocialSecurity.Gov

This is one of the only free ways to find someone by their social security number. You will want to put their number into Google and do a search. Try it with and without the dashes in between the numbers. Then try putting their number in quotes. This will eliminate some of the results if Google brings back a lot of them. You can also try this method with Bing, A.O.L, and yahoo if you are not successful with Google.

If you need to contact the person you are trying to find by their SSN, you should send them a letter using the SocialSecurity.Gov admin. You will need to go to their site here: You can have them forward a letter to the person that you are searching for. This is good to use if you need to contact them as soon as possible. If you don’t need to talk to them, you should not worry about forwarding a letter.


If you just need information on the person you are searching for using their social security number, you will now need to use a background checking service. The good thing about doing a background check is that you will find out everything about them. You will not be limited to public records; you will also be able to see anything that is not available to the public.SocialSecurity.Gov

This is something you will need to do if you’re renting out an apartment or checking their history for a job. The only downside is that it will cost you some money. However, it is fairly cheap to run a background check. Usually it is under $50 and you will get the report instantly. This is how you find people by SocialSecurity.Gov numbers.”SocialSecurity.Gov

When you need to lookup someone by their SSN all you have to do is click here: Find People By Address & start your own search. This original article could be found here in our website: Find People Social Security Number

Social Security.Gov

Understanding the New Social Security Rules Concerning Trusts

SocialSecurity Gov – The first thing you need to realize is that not all trusts are viewed, or governed, in the same way. Trusts are divided into two separate groupings. All trusts that were in effect before Jan. 2000 and the second group is all trusts that were established after that date. This is because the Foster Care Independence Act became effective in 1999.SocialSecurity Gov

The exception to this grouping is made for disability trusts and pooled trusts. Social Security Rules place these trusts in the group of the pre January 2000. For all other trusts they will be considered to be a resource unless they are excluded due to the Medicaid Rules that can be found in Section 203 of the Social Security Gov Rules.

For the purpose of these rules a grantor will be known as a person that provides the funds for the trust. This term will apply regardless of the fact that the person is named as the grantor or the settler on the instrument.


In the Social Security Gov Rules an asset is defined as being any income the person receives, or a resource they have available to them. These rules apply to inheritances, and any other payments the person is supposed to receive.

There are rules called transfer rules that apply to the trust that say the instrument will no longer be considered as a resource if there is no way the person can receive any money from the distribution of the trust.

SocialSecurity Gov

The Social Security Gov Rules makes the exception for trusts concerning someone who is under the age of 65, & who is legally defined as being disabled. In this instance a trust that was made by the parents or guardians of the disabled individual will not be considered. These trusts will however have to be left to the State Medicaid office upon the death of the individual.

There’re strict rules and guidelines that must be followed when establishing a trust for someone that is disabled, &  it is advised that you seek the guidance of an attorney when you are attempting to do this. A legal adviser that has current knowledge of the Social Security Gov Rules can help you to establish a trust with a nominal amount of money, that will allow the child to also deposit money into the trust through the years, establishing a retirement account of sorts for the disabled individual. SocialSecurity Gov

The establishing of a trust for your disabled kid is a good way to insure the kids will have the necessary funds in the future to supply their needs.
Social Security Gov


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