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This important website is one you should have in your favorites for easy access. Since the government is known for an abundance of red tape and making the plain and simple confusing, it is very surprising how clear, simple, and easy to use they’ve managed in the creation of the SocialSecurity.Gov online portal included on the site. This is the official web-site of the U.S Social Security Administration.

This website is filled with conveniences that will benefit the reader and make navigation throughout the site extremely easy. There are an abundance of extra conveniences including making the print larger. A major plus to the many seniors that call the US home but have come from other places will have the option of changing the language from English to Polish, Spanish, Greek, French, Italian, Tagalog, Farsi, Chinese, Armenian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, and Haitian-Creole. They’ll even provide free interpreter services.SocialSecurity.Gov

SocialSecurity.Gov – On the first page of Social Security.Gov you have the option of watching a video about the website, which is less than two minutes long. If you choose not to watch the video then your next step would be to choose the category you’d like information on. You’ll find a blue bar across the top which is divided into categories: Retirement, Survivors, Disability, Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Clicking on any of those categories on  Social Security.Gov will bring you to another page where your search within that category begins.

Let’s say you chose Retirement. The next page gives you 6 different choices:

o Plan your retirement
o Calculate your benefits
o Apply for retirement benefits
o Already receiving retirement benefits
o Retirement benefit publications (en Espanol)
o Frequently asked questions. SocialSecurity.Gov

 Click on one of those options and you’ll have detailed explanations at your fingertips. Amazingly you’ll find SocialSecurity.Gov provides easy to understand concepts and directions. You can get help very easily if needed. There are some parts of social security you could apply for online though not all. For instance you can apply for SocialSecurity.Gov disability insurance online quite easily however, you can’t apply for a Social Security.Gov card online.

For that you can print out the application but must mail or go to your local social security office; some major metro areas (New York City, Las Vegas, Orlando, or Phoenix) require you apply in person rather than mailing in the application.SocialSecurity.Gov

By taking an extra few minutes, you could find out everything that you need to know that would help to get it right the first time, and you will  save time in the process. SocialSecurity.Gov is an asset you definitely want to make use of as you plan your own future.

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